About Us

Director & KMP

Director & KMP

Mr. Bhavesh Tulsidas Bhanushali (Chairman & Managing Director)

Mr. Bhavesh Tulsidas Bhanushali is an expert designer, cloth analyst and has good knowledge of the latest production method. He is the engine behind this company. His strengths include identifying the latest market pulse, designing products based on the latest trends, identifying the best material at best rate and ensuring quality manufacturing.

Mrs. Premila Bhanushali (Executive Director)

Mrs. Premila Bhanushali holds a bachelor of commerce degree and has an experience of about 6 (six) years in the intimate garments industry. She is a fashion designer by profession and oversees the designing department of our Company. She handles our team of designers, who constantly work towards the designing of the products of our Company which is one of the core activities in the lingerie industry.

Mr. Anand Bhanushali (Executive Director)

Mr. Anand Bhanushali has experience of about 5 (five) years in the lingerie industry. He has been associated with our Company since inception. . He looks after the day to day management of our centralised warehousing facility and marketing operation located at Bhiwandi. He has joined the Board of Directors of our Company in the year 2013.

Our Other Directors

  • Mr. Vimal Prakash Dubey (Independent Director)
  • Mr. Naveen Shankar Jain (Independent Director)

Key Managerial Person

1. Anil H. Sinha – Chief Financial Officer

2. Anup Vishwakarma- Comapany Secretary & Compliance Officer